4 Common Symptoms Of Gout Arthritis


Common Symptoms Of Gout Arthritis

If you experience sudden burning pain, swelling or stiffness in the joints, especially the big toes, then you are under the attack of the Gout Arthritis. These three symptoms will be prevailing unless you take initiative in treating it out. If you fail to do so, Gout can harm the tendons, tissues and the joints.

Too much of uric acid in your blood can result in Gout. It has to be noted that usually it is of no harm when high level of uric acid in blood. But too much of uric acid in the blood can result in the formation of crystals in the joints. Gout can attack you if you consume alcohol in large quantities, if you over eat or if you are overweight. Diuretics can also result in Gout.

Gout and its Symptoms

Swollen Joint

A swollen joint red in color with a hot sensation is the first symptom of Gout. The red color on the swollen area is visible while the heat of the affected area can be known when touched.


Severe Pain

The base of the big toe joint is the main area which is affected by Gout. Gout can also attack any joint in the body like the knee joint, ankles and the joints of both hands. Pain can be so intense at times that a shoe or a bed sheet can cause a lot of pain. Acute Gout Arthritis experienced at the base of the big toe is known as Podagra.


Gout Arthritis at the beginning stage stops gradually after a week or two even if treatment is not taken. The pain and the swelling gradually fade away. The peculiarity of Gout is that it either returns to the same joint or in another joint later. These attacks of Gout Arthritis frequently affect the patient frequently. Sometimes it may last for a long period. During the beginning stage, gout attacks involve only one or two joints. But as time passes by, you will experience attacks of gout on multiple joints.

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Kidney Stone

Another danger faced by people with Gout is Kidney Stone formation. Formation of Kidney stones is due to the excess amount of uric acid in the blood.

Kidney Stone

Crystal formation

Crystals of uric acid can also form outside the joints. Tophi are the name of the collection of these crystals. The crystals can be found in the elbow, back of the ankle, earlobe or in many other tissues of the body.

Crystal formation

Tophi usually are not painful. These crystals can be removed with the help of a small needle for the purpose of microscopic evaluation. The evaluation can show an accumulation of uric acid crystals which are embedded with white blood cells.