4 Common Causes Of Arthritis In Fingers


Common Causes Of Arthritis In Fingers

For a medical condition known as arthritis, fingers are the most common area to be affected. There are two types of finger based arthritis, namely, osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. This condition would cause deformity in hands and would cause limited usage of hands.

Main Causes of Arthritis In Fingers

There are a few causes that are related to this medical condition as researched by the veterans in this field.

Injury Caused by a Fall and Sprain

One of the major causes of arthritis in fingers is the incident of any injury caused by a sprain or a fall that would damage the cartilage of the fingers owing to the sprain or breakage. This will lead to the fragments of bone to get altered if not healed properly. This will lead to the condition of arthritis and will multiply its effects. This will cause inflammation in the joints and the fingers which would make you to reduce using your fingers very often.

Finger Injury

Frequent Uses of Fingers

Another major cause for this condition of arthritis is the repetitive usage of your fingers with the same number of motions again and again. This overuse of your fingers would lead to finger arthritis in the later stage of your life. Mostly women are prone to this condition than men as they tend to use their hands more with daily chores.

When using the fingers continuously, the cartilage of your fingers begins to disintegrate and would produce noises similar to clicking and grinding. Also your joints of the fingers would be swollen, red and offers limited moment. Those who are constantly working on the computer and performing knitting work are prone to this medical condition. This same activity with repeated motions would degenerate the joints of your fingers. This same moment of the fingers in the repeated style is the major causes of arthritis in fingers.

Frequent Use Of Fingers

Serious Causes of Arthritis In Fingers

Bacteria and Viruses

Bacteria and viruses are the other causes of arthritis in fingers as it develops in the fingers during any injury in the fingers when not properly healed and spreads over through the blood. This process causes accumulation of virus, which leads to thickening of the membranes present in the finger joints.

While this process takes place, the joint is prone to complete damage leading the fingers to lose its shape, lose its utility and gets destroyed within a short time period. This is a high risk causing factor as it might damage the fingers completely and would cause losing the fingers completely.


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Smoking and Alcohol Consumption

Also these inhibitions of viruses and bacteria can also caused by various factors, such as, following a sedentary lifestyle, such as, smoking or alcohol consumption, which would lead to an erratic lifestyle.

Also this would curb the immunity of the body while the healing process happens during any injury of the finger that encouraged infection in the area.