6 Causes Of Polyarticular Arthritis


Causes Of Polyarticular Arthritis

Polyarticular Arthritis is a type of Rheumatoid arthritis. It affects five or more joints of the body. The affected area will be painful and swelling is also found in these regions. Polyarticular arthritis affects both adults as well as children alike. Polyarticular arthritis affects joints like knees, jaw, feet, hand neck and lots more.

The affected area will be damaged with the passage of time. Polyarticular arthritis usually affects joints in a symmetric fashion, that is, if any joint in the left side of the body is affected, then the similar joints in the right side is also affected. The list of causes for Polyarticular arthritis is many. Some among them are given below:

List of Causes for Polyarticular Arthritis

Inflammation in the Spinal Bones

If one experiences swelling and inflammation in the spinal bones with extreme pain in the region, then one must be very cautious. These may tend to take the shape of the polyarticular arthritis. Stiffness in the mornings with pain, swelling of the eye, pain in the heel followed by stiffness, joint pain and swelling, fever and loss of appetite are warning signs. If not treated well, it can result in Polyarticular arthritis.

Back pain

Viral Infections

Viral infections can cause Polyarticular arthritis. The swelling up of joints as a result of the inflammation in the affected joints may be the result of viral infection.


This can be very irritating. Pain, swelling and immobility of fingers can lead to Polyarticular arthritis. Usually it disappears after a period of time. This can be a result of Dengue virus, entorovirus, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, HIV, Human Parvovirus, Rubella or Mumps.

Irritation in Nerves

If one experiences irritation in nerves, they must immediately take medical precautions as this can be the beginning of Polyarticular arthritis. This is a very painful one. The sharp shooting pain moves according to the direction of the nerve.

Irritation in Nerves

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Attacks of Cold and Constipation

If a person is often experiencing constipation, fatigue and severe attacks of cold, then this can be the beginning stage of Polyarticular arthritis.


Stiffness and Pain in the Muscles Neck and Shoulder

When a person finds extreme pain in the muscles, neck, shoulders and back, he must take medical precautions without any fail as these are the causes which lead to Polyarticular arthritis.


Fatigue, pain and various other symptoms tend to attack the patient very badly. Stiffness and pain during the morning hours is experienced by the patient during mornings or after a long period of rest.

People affected with Reactive Arthritis are Prone to Polyarticular attack

People affected by Reactive arthritis find that their joints, eyes, skin and urethra are affected. The mucous membranes are also affected as a result of the Reactive arthritis. Inflammation is caused in the parts of the body like spine and legs. When a person experiences these difficulties, he has to immediately consult a physician for further treatment or it can lead to Polyarticular arthritis.

leg pain

Other causes for Polyarticular arthritis are metabolic bone disease, Soft tissue abnormalities and multiple sites of bursitis or tendinitis