5 Causes Of Hip Pain And Back Problems


Causes Of Hip Pain And Back Problems

Inflammation in the joints is known as Arthritis. It usually occurs in the knees or the hips and causes swelling and pain among other symptoms. Osteoarthritis is connected with age and leads to degeneration in the joints.

Hip arthritis usually occurs as the result of an injury or inflammation caused to the hip joint, which causes a breakage in the cartilage tissues surrounding the region. This breakdown caused to the hip joint results in swelling, pain and deformity.

Main Causes Of Hip Pain And Back Problems


The cartilage –a rubbery and firm material covering the ends of the hip bone is made of proteins and water. It acts as shock absorber and takes care of any direct impact on the hip joint. The high level of water content in the cartilage helps it to change its normal shape when compressed or influenced by an impact. As the body ages and the elasticity in the cartilage become reduced, it sometimes fails to repair itself after degeneration and leads to the onset of hip arthritis.



Hip pain can also be linked to a hip injury which had taken place earlier in the patient’s life. After the accident or injury to the hip joint, all changes in the alignment and movements of the hip lead to tear and wear to the surfaces of its joints.


If the hip has suffered from any fracture earlier on, then it also leads to a change in the alignment of the hip. This leads to further degeneration, wear and tear and may cause fatal injuries and infections or bleeding in the joints. These conditions make the patient prone to hip osteoarthritis.

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Not all causes of hip pain and back problems are related to injury or alignment factors connected with the hip. In some cases the genetic constitution of the patient may lead to hip arthritis. A history of hip osteoporosis in the patient’s family also makes him prone to higher risk of this skeletal condition and joint problem.


Subchondral bone

Certain changes in the subchondral bone may trigger off changes in the linings of the articular cartilage. The subchondral bone lies just below the articular cartilage and is protected by its presence.

In certain cases, medical conditions may make the bone harder or softer than before. This brings about changes in the way the cartilage absorbs the shock impacts on the joints. Degeneration in the cushioning affect of this articular cartilage may lead to hip arthritis.

Avascular necrosis (AVN)

One of other primary causes connected with the incidence of hip pain is connected with vascular necrosis- which leads to degeneration in the hip joint. In this instance, blood supply to the femoral head of the hip joint becomes scarce and leads to the complete degeneration of the joint. The main causes behind AVN are connected with fractures, alcoholism and total dislocation of the hip. It is also caused by long term cortisone treatment administered for other diseases and ailments.

Avascular necrosis

Proper diagnosis of the symptoms of hip arthritis helps in timely medical intervention and treatment of pack problems and hip pain.