6 Ways To Treat Calf Muscle Injuries


Ways To Treat Calf Muscle Injuries

Calf muscle injuries are mainly caused due to a torn or pulled calf muscle. This sort of injury is similar to an Achilles tendon rupture or tear. However, this sort of a tear occurs higher up in the back of the leg. You will be likely to get a calf muscle injury if you are feeling any sort of mild discomfort to a minimum of disability which is often restricted to a minimal or no activity.

It is known as the Grade I Calf Strain muscle strain; in the second stage of calf muscle strain you will be experiencing a moderate sort of discomfort while walking. You will also have a restricted ability to perform normal activities which can include amongst others running and jumping.

You may also experience some sort of swelling and bruising. It is known as the Grade II Calf muscle strain and if you have any sort of severe injury which results in your inability to walk. There are certain patients which may cause swelling and significant bruising as well as complain of muscle spasm. It is known as the Grade III Calf Strain muscle strain.

Here are some of the best treatment options to provide relief to the patients suffering from Calf Strain muscle strain. The primary goal of the treatment is to prevent any further damage to you.

Ways To Treat Calf Muscle Injuries


If you are experiencing a Calf Muscle Strain, it is advised that you should have complete rest in order to let the injured muscle heal properly. You should therefore avoid all those sorts of activities that are causing the symptoms.



Undertaking gentle stretching exercises can help you to a great extent. However, you should do these exercises without too much of a pain. If you stretch excessively, it can prove harmful thereby slowing down the healing process.


Ice the Injury

Another option is to apply ice to the injured area in the acute phase which means within the first 48 hours after injury and later on after activities. Applying an ice pack will help you calming the inflamed area and release blood flow to the area.

Cold Compress

Arnica Cream

Arnica being a homeopathic herb is used in treating muscle pain. It is for this reason that it is considered to be one of the best home remedy for a pulled calf. Being an an anti-inflammatory cream, Arnica reduces the swelling and at the same time improves the blood flow to the affected area.

Arnica Cream

Heat Applications

Another method to cure calf muscle strain is to foment the area which helps to loosen the muscle which should be done before undertaking stretching or exercising. You must however, remember to heat the area before and ice after.

Heat Application

Pain Killers

You can make use of anti-inflammatory medicines which can include ibuprofen or naproxen. However, you must remember to follow the directions given on the bottles to assess the dosage.

Alternatively you can always consult a doctor if you have any questions about dosage. It is best to consult your doctor if you are taking prescription medications. Hence by following these simple steps, you can easily treat calf muscle strain by yourself. But first consult your doctor. Pain Killers