7 Way To Treat A Pulled Muscle In The Abdomen


Way To Treat A Pulled Muscle In The Abdomen

Muscles in the abdomen get pulled due to strain, stretching, injury, sudden movements/twisting or too much activity. Causes for pulled muscles are very unpredictable and it can be caused by something as harmless as a cough and also by heavy workouts.

So, have you pulled your abs muscle and wish to learn ways how to get rid of them?

How to Get Rid of Pulled Muscle In the Abdomen

Take Some Rest

Most muscle pulls in the abdomen get cured by themselves when you take ample of rest. If you are following a strict fitness regimen, take a break from it for three or four days and you will feel your strain disappearing. If the pain still lingers after four days, consult a physician.


Apply Ice

Applying ice will reduce the strain in the abdomen. You should apply ice as soon as you feel a pull in your abdomen. Applying the ice pack for 3-4 minutes directly on the strain will give immediate relief. Give at least 15 minutes break between two ice pack sessions. Make sure that you do not apply ice directly to your bare skin, always cover ice using some towels or clothes.

Apply Ice

Drink Loads of Water

As soon as your muscle gets pulled, toxins get released from your body which cause further stiffness. Drinking water will neutralize and wash away these toxins. It will also improve the circulation of blood to your abdomen resulting in faster recovery.

Drin Water

Take Anti-Inflammatory Medicines with Care

If you are having acute pain with inflammations, take some anti-inflammatory medications. But they have their set of side-effects too, so take them under medical practitioner’s administration only.

Moreover, if you use these for mild sprains, they will reduce your pain but won’t cure your injury completely. Anti-Inflammatory Medicines will reduce the swelling temporarily so that you can carry on with your work for a small interval of time.


Do Proper Workup and Stretching

Once your pain goes away, you should gently ease up your injury. To do this, you should practice some gentle stretching and workups. Stretch for no more than five minutes and never lift weights. This will loosen up your muscle resulting in faster recovery. Never do these activities if your pain does not subside.


Apply Compression

Applying compression in your abdomen will reduce the pain of the muscle strain. To do this, apply elastic bandages tightly around the abdomen. This will reduce the swelling and immobilize the muscles in your abs. ACE Bandages are usually the perfect choice for applying compression.


Stop Exercise as Soon as You Feel Pain

This might sound stupid but a study suggests that most people continue their workout despite feeling a strain in their abs which worsens the condition. So, as soon as you feel a pull, stop working out and reassess yourself. It might be nothing at all but then again, it could potentially be a strained muscle.

To get rid of the muscle pains in your abdomen follow the above steps with care. Choose the method which suits your needs depending on the intensity of the pain and need for medication.

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