3 Ayurvedic Treatment for Cervical Spondylosis


Ayurvedic Treatment for Cervical Spondylosis

Ayurvedic treatments are not regarded as ultimate cure but they can be utilised as alternative treatment. It is not only holistic in nature, but also depends upon the herbal remedies. As far as cervical spondylosis is concerned, it leads to malformation and degeneration of the cervical vertebrae located in the lower part of the neck.

Both herbal therapy and physical therapy are included in the ayurvedic treatment of spondylosis. In this post, we are going to deal with the ayurvedic treatments related to alleviation of pain.

Ayurveda and Cervical Spondylosis

Ayurveda treatment emphasises upon the three main equilibriums of your body – change, movement and growth. These three parts are closely linked to one another and any disruption in one of the 3 equilibriums causes disturbance in the other two. The pain in the lower part of the neck due to cervical spondylosis is solely due to arthritis affecting the end part of the spine.

This treatment not only relieves the arthritis pain, but also repairs the equilibrium with respect to inflexibility and movement. There are 3 stages related to the ayurvedic treatment – excretion of the accumulated toxins, balancing of the entities that restricts functioning and restoration of the cervical tissue.


Physical Treatment

Rejuvenation and pacification related to the ayurvedic treatments also involves proper massaging of the affected region with Mahanarayana Taila and other herbal oils. Massaging the affected area for 2 or 3 times per day is enough to notice effective results within a few days. However, you should be very careful while massaging the affected area as the oil is meant to penetrate and relax the stiffness. This is how the oil massages address the rejuvenation part of the treatment.

Pacification related to ayurvedic treatment is addressed by the hot fomentation of the cervical area. Take some salt in a cotton cloth and heat it in a frying pan. Apply the heated salt as hot pack upon the affected area. Make sure that the pack is endurably hot and the salt side of the pack faces the lower neck. Apply this hot pack for at least 30 minutes per day to pacify the arthritis.


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Herbal Treatment

In order to relieve the pain associated with cervical spondylosis, you need to boost the rejuvenation process as well as detoxify your body at the same time. Ayurvedic treatments are comprised of several supplements that help in the elimination of toxins and also repair the damaged tissues.

Guggulu is a gum resin extract that helps in this detoxification and rejuvenation simultaneously. It is available in capsule form and you need to take at least 4 capsules per day to suppress the symptoms. However, short breaks in between the consumption of the supplement may lead to excessive laxative effect. Hence, you should reduce the dosage to reduce such effects.

Triphla Powder

Triphala herb is available in the market in powdered form and helps in treating cervical spondylosis. Consume this powder with warm milk and avoid fried, sour or dried foods. These types of foods may increase the toxin level in your body leading to further complications.