5 Most Common Causes Of Septic Arthritis


Most Common Causes Of Septic Arthritis

Septic arthritis is a severe joint infection that can lead to acute pain and swelling in the affected joints. Knees and hips are the most common areas that are affected by Septic arthritis. More often than not, this medical condition is likely to attack infants and old people. It can very severely damage the cartilage and bones in the joint.

In this ailment, the joints can get infected with germs traveling through the bloodstream from different part of the body. Also, any penetrating injury that brings germs into the joint directly can also cause Septic arthritis. There are several causes that may lead to Septic arthritis.

Most Common Causes of Septic Arthritis


Bacteria are considered to be one of the main causes of Septic arthritis. There are different bacteria that can cause this disease in different people. The Staphylococcus aureus is the most common bacteria known to cause Septic arthritis. E. coli is known to cause Septic arthritis in some people.

Pseudomonas spp bacteria can lead to this ailment in several elderly people and drug abusers who take the drug in their veins. In addition, Neisseria gonorrhoeae bacteria can cause Septic arthritis in young adults who are sexually active and Salmonella spp. Bacteria can cause the same in children or people suffering with sickle cell disease. Apart from these bacteria, Mycobacterium is also known to cause this disease.



Virus is also an important cause of Septic arthritis. Some of the viruses that can cause this ailment are-Hepatitis virus, Parvovirus B19, Coxsackie virus, Human immunodeficiency virus, HTLV-1, and ebola. In addition, some fungi that can lead to Septic arthritis are Histoplasma, Coccidiomyces, and Blastomyces.



A number of infections can lead to Septic arthritis causing severe pain and swelling in the joints. This ailment can be caused by various bacterial, viral and fungal infections. It can develop when any infection in the body spreads via bloodstream to the joints in the body. In addition, many times, even a wound, surgery or urinary tract infection can cause Septic infection.

The infection through the bloodstream is the most common reason for Septic arthritis in children. It is believed that mainly people with weak immunity often fall prey to this disease; however, many healthy people can also get the joint infection through their nose or gut. The harmful bacteria can travel to the bone to attack the system by entering through different parts of the body.


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Artificial Joint Implants and Severe Joint Injuries

Many times, when people go through different surgeries to get artificial joint implants, they may get infected with certain infections that can cause Septic arthritis. In addition, severe joint injuries can also cause Septic arthritis.

joint replacement

Medications Suppressing the Immune System

A number of medications that people take during chronic illness like diabetes and sickle cell disease can suppress your immune system, thereby, making you vulnerable to Septic arthritis. You would not even realize that drugs taken to get rid of one chronic ailment can be a potent cause for another illness.