5 Major Causes Of Wrist Arthritis


Major Causes Of Wrist Arthritis

Wrist arthritis is a progressive medical condition, which degrades the cartilage that covers the ends of the bones. This ailment reduces the ability of the wrist to move easily because of the destroyed cartilage. It causes pain and inflammation in the wrist, making it difficult to work at home or in office.

It hinders the ability of the wrist and creates difficulties in performing daily errands, like opening a bottle lid, driving or playing any sports that requires the strength of the wrists. The symptoms may be mild in the initial stages of Wrist arthritis, but as the time passes and the ailment begins to grow, the pain and swelling in the affected wrist begin to trouble hugely.

Arthritis of the wrists affects both men and women but differently in different phases of life. It hurts more men, before 45 years of age, where as women are reportedly more affected after they reach 45 years of age. It is important to know and understand the main causes of Wrist arthritis.

Understanding the Causes of Wrist Arthritis

Regular Use and Abuse of the Cartilage

The regular use and abuse of the cartilage over the years lead to Wrist arthritis, making it as one of the most important causes of Wrist arthritis. When the cartilage, the covering of the bones begins to wither, the bones start rubbing against each other, making them weak. This causes the joints to degrade with time and leads to wrist arthritis. This use and abuse of the joints leads to acute pain causing long term problems in the wrists.


Cysts in the Wrists

Cysts formed in the wrists can be another important causes of Wrist arthritis. It can damage the main structural formation of your wrists, which may compress the joints causing pain and other related problems.

Cysts in the Wrists

Trauma and Injuries

Severe trauma and injuries can lead to wrist arthritis. In such a situation, the cartilages of the bones are damaged causing pain and swelling. In many cases, injuries, such as broken wrist bone or even a sprain in the wrist can lead to arthritis of the wrists. In addition, infections caused due to a prolonged unhealed injury can also cause this medical condition.


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Genetics play an important role in the development of wrist arthritis. Many times, it is observed that an individual with a family history of wrist arthritis is at a higher risk of developing this ailment as compared to those who do not have a history of arthritis in their families.

Many people ignore the first signs of wrist arthritis and continue doing their work, even when it pains or swells sometimes. They tend to think that it may have occurred due to over exertion and will subside once they take some rest. But, when this ailment reaches its advanced stages, it begins to hurt more.


Kienböck’s disease

Kienböck’s disease can also cause arthritis in the wrist. In this ailment, the interruption in the blood supply to one of the bones in the wrist is developed, which causes serious problems. In extreme cases, a person may die due to the prolonged interruption of the blood in the hand or wrist.

Kienböck's disease