5 Excellent Shoulder Pain Treatment


shoulder pain

Shoulder pain is one of the most dreadful pains experienced by many. Shoulder is the one which is used mostly among all the other parts of our body. The pain which is associated with the shoulder can be of various reasons like injury, inflammation, infection, due to fracture, arthritis or even could be due to nerve related problems. Identifying the cause for the pain is the most important and essential factor in order to treat the pain. The condition can be chronic as well as acute.

The pain can be shooting type, mild, pricking pain, sharp and tingling pain, etc. Shoulder is one among the important and the easily movable part, and when there is a pain to the shoulders, there will be difficulty in performing daily activities like wearing clothes, driving, and so on. Treatment can be taken at home, and are very effective in managing the pain.

5 Amazing Shoulder Pain Treatment

Rice Effect

Using rice is one among the oldest and the common method for relieving shoulder pain. For the treatment of the pain, use the cooked rice by stuffing it, in a pair of socks of normal size and keep this in the oven or on the pan for heating it up. Once it is heated up, use this as a pain reliever by keeping it on the affected areas in order to relieve pain.

Rice Effect

The rice acts as a pain reliever ingredient, which relieves pain to the maximum level. Rice can take up the heat more in comparison with the boiling water and the heat will stay for longer time.

Ice Pack Treatment

Ice packs can be helpful in most of them in relieving pain. In those people where the pain is not subsing by heat, ice packs can be tried for them, while this gives relief to the max. Massaging using the cold packs can be beneficial as they relieve the tension and pain created around the shoulders.

Ice Effect

This should be done continuously for 15 minutes and repeating it for more than five to six times a day can be of proven results. Cold packs also help in relieving swelling, and shrinking of blood vessels along with the pain if any.


Peppers are one of the ancient spices used for medicinal purpose. They are also helpful in treating joint pains and shoulders pains as they act as anti inflammatory and analgesic agents and help to relieve pain.


It contains chemical substances called as capsaicin which acts as pain reliever. Use peppers daily or alternatively in the diet in any form like salads, curries etc. These peppers can be crushed or made into a fine powder and can be eaten along with ghee or can also be applied around the shoulders for relieving pain.

Nuts Important

Nuts are the richest ingredients which contain high amount of nutrients. A special component omega 3 fatty acid is present in nuts which act effectively against pains by acting as analgesics.


These act by inhibiting the inflammatory substances which are responsible for pain. These substances cannot be synthesized or produced in the body while it has to be supplemented through food substances rich in omega 3 fatty acid. These should be consumed once daily twice a day.


It becomes very necessary to perform minor exercise and only those which do not strain the shoulders. Because, if shoulders are not used due to pain, the part gets stiffened up and later worsens the condition.


Specific exercises help in making the pain better and also perform the daily activities in a better way. Special techniques and simple ones can be used to move the joints and soft tissues which can relieve pain.